Using Our Products

What some of the artists that use our products think of them.

“The Perfidus headphone amp is a very useful piece of kit to help analyze and detect any imperfections in a mix, as well as dial into those details for final tweaks, especially on the move and away from your studio set up. Also, I experience less mix fatigue as a result in those final crucial hours!”

“I use many playback systems to test my mixes and the Mania headphones have become an integral part of my mix referencing routine. Coupled with the Perfidus headphone amp, it provides a true high end audio referencing system that I use for every mix assessment.”

“It is a deep, beautiful rich box. Previously I was using the headphone amp of a very well respected converter and what I can say is that your amp is less harsh, has greater low (and lower mid) end depth and it makes listening to music a more pleasurable experience. It feels good. Even MP3’s!”

Al Jourgensen
Anna Murphy
Cellar Darling
Anneke Van Giersbergen
Benji Webbe
Bill Gould
Faith No More
David Bottrill
David DeMaria
Doro Pesch
Guano Apes
Imogen Heap
Jennifer Paige
Johanna Kurkela
Kristin Hersh
Throwing Muses
Neil Perry
The Band Perry
Nile Rodgers
Sam Bettens
K's Choice

Gold Compilation

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Gold Compilation III

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