Uncompromising Class-A
Headphone Amplifier

“So, did they achieve their goal to produce an amplifier with an extremely flat frequency response, with incredible impact, able to drive a wide range of headphones, as I never used more than half volume, it has enough go to run most any headphone, so I would say, ‘Yes, absolutely’.”
Gary Alan Barker, Headphone.Guru

The devilish Perfidus is a powerful solid-state class-A headphone amp that will literally blow you away. Even though we tamed the beast, this powerful desktop amp still drives plenty of power and delivers a punchy flat frequency response ranging from 4 Hz-40 kHz. Handcrafted in a sophisticated aluminum chassis, this sleek looking amp works well with all headphones – even orthodynamic – and picks out an immense amount of detail in reproduction.

Actually, we can confidently say the Perfidus takes music to another level. Boasting a great resolution, responsive speed and high dynamics, this boutique amplifier milks the warm tones yet has the bite to emphasize the lower midrange with clean distinction. As a result, the Perfidus produces such a rich sound, you will feel like rock bands and classical orchestras are playing live in your living room.

Class-A headphone amplifier

999 EUR

Class-A headphone amplifier
Sturdy aluminum chassis
Blue Velvet Alps potentiometer
Adaptable to headphone impedance
Silver plated interconnecting wires

40.000 uF power stabilization capacitors

5-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in



“It’s great! It made my little house studio feel like I’m recording in Rockfield Studios.”
Benji Webbe (Skindred), musician

“Monitoring mixes through “The Perfidus” class-a headphone amp by Erzetich Audio sounds amazing!”
Celldweller, musician and producer
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