Because we’re surrounded by nature, we care about it a lot. We hate instant one-day technology which leads to an accumulation of unnecessary trash. Our products use quality materials like wood, steel, iron, aluminum, and acrylic. Besides that the structure of these very same products is such that they are serviceable – anything can be fixed or changed, making it durable and, in the long run, cheaper. 

In our production process all of the waste is adequately disposed and recycled. 

Made in the EU

Our products are manufactured in Slovenia. We have a workshop in the woods of Trnovo where we make all of our wooden parts. In another workshop, not far away, we assemble all parts as well as work with electronics. That second shop is also where we lead our development and testing. We use as much local sourcing as possible, so we can easily monitor the quality of the parts (metal CNC and laser cutting, painting, packaging, …). 

Of course, it is not possible to have all of the components made in Slovenia or even in the EU, so these parts are sourced from elsewhere (Japan, China, USA). 

All in all, we pride ourselves on our heritage, location, and culture. We want to offer you a product with a piece of our land and a piece of us, as dwellers in this little spot in Central Europe.