Not right now. If there is enough demand, we will look into other payment options.
If the item is in stock and if you live in Europe, you will receive it usually within a week. If you live outside Europe, it will usually take the package from 2 to 3 weeks to reach you (still if the item is in stock).
Packages are sent by Post of Slovenia or DPD. The package is insured, tracked and sent as “fragile content”. Shipping is free.
You can return the item within 15 days after the arrival of the package (we can check the arrival of the package to your place through the post tracking system). Be careful not to scratch or damage the item in any way for the first 15 days or we will deduct the damage fee from the purchasing sum. Buyer covers the shipping back to us.
Yes. Headphone amplifiers have a five-year warranty upon manufacturing and parts defects while headphones have two-year warranty.

If you bought the unit from your local dealer, ask them first what to do. Sometimes they have their own workshop that can fix the unit and that’s the fastest way. Otherwise they will contact us.
If you bought it from us directly, just send us an email. This way we can assess what the problem is and how to proceed.
NEVER send us a unit for repair before you talked to us. Many times it can be fixed without the need to send it to our workshop.

It is our top priority to fix your unit as soon as possible. If we have all the material in stock that can be in a couple of days.

Buyer pays for the cost of shipping the item to us, we pay for shipping it back. If we find no error in our products, buyer pays the shipping cost both ways.

If the item is DOA we pay shipping both ways.

Always contact us first before you return the item.