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Music is made up of two parts: content and sound. When you play a piece of music on substandard equipment, you do not get to enjoy the entire ensemble. And when you don’t listen to music in its whole sonic glory, you’re missing half of it.

Essentially, headphones are the same as stereo speakers and to produce the richest sounds – thick bass, clear sound, less distortion, good soundstage etc – they need an amp. The headphone amplifiers we make are fitted with a double voltage power supply and a high quality input capacitor in the signal path in order to deliver a clear, unimpeded sound. Combine them with our headphones and you’ll get a premium listening rig.

We pride ourselves on our work and pay particular attention to detail. Because of this innate need for perfection, every one of our products have been painstakingly challenging to build, but the end results have been worth the effort in the end. 

Every true music lover needs a good headphone system and the ones available to you in our collection right now cover different sound timbres, approaches and a wide price bracket to suit your budget.

Photo above: A view from our workshop.

The first headphone amplifier we built was Bacillus. This is our entry-level headphone amp, but delivers a powerful performance with any impedance headphones. Our next project was Perfidus, a demon of an amp that picks up details you didn’t realize were there. We extended our range with the Bacillus Tilia which looks and sounds warm yet detailed.

To achieve precision sound, we use high quality components and handcraft each individual unit. Housings for amplifiers are made from aluminum, and two of them sport aged linden wood (Deimos, and Bacillus Tilia) to give them a vintage, yet sophisticatedly modern look. We use wood cut from the linden tree as it is a symbol of our homeland, Slovenia. This is also the type of wood that is used to make cups for our headphones – dynamic Mania and Thalia as well as planar magnetic Phobos.

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