Precision Headphone Amplifier

“The way in which the colors, the location of instruments, their intensity and even the recording temperature are differentiated is definitely way beyond this particular price level, it’s simply unique.”
Wojciech Pacuła,

Small, compact and robust, the Bacillus is a precision grade class-AB headphone amplifier that comfortably adapts to any impedance headphones. The bright profile is quick in transitions and urges a direct sound, most notably in rock genres. But the low distortion also adapts quickly to acoustic and delivers a very realistic and intimate experience. 

All in all, Bacillus is an impressive performer and thanks to its diminutive size is an ideal road companion for travelling sound professionals. The Bacillus might be our entry-level headphone amplifier, but on looks and performance you could be forgiven for thinking this elegant headphone amp is among our high-end range – it’s only our generous price tag that gives the game away.

499 EUR

Class-AB headphone amplifier
Sturdy aluminum chassis
Blue Velvet Alps potentiometer
Adaptable to headphone impedance
Silver plated interconnecting wires
5-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in


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