699 EUR
Audiophile headphones, made to be used on-the-go with portable devices.
Pair them with a good portable DAC and you will take an audiophile system in a bag wherever you go.


1199 EUR
Semi-open, slightly darkish, dynamic headphones with 50 mm titanium-coated driver.​
Their sonic and audio characteristics make them suitable for shifts in musical mood and tempo, allowing your play list to be as diverse as you wish.


1999 EUR
Detailed open planar-magnetic headphones with wide soundstage.​
The design and technology together enable a detailed, firm and dynamic sound: picking up the details in the music and allowing you to bask in the rich details of performances that you love.


3000 EUR
Open planar-magnetic headphones for most demanding listeners.
Designed for mature audiophiles that want their equipment to disappear and make room only for their music.

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