These are three areas we want to serve and seamlessly merge:


Music being the most direct and intense form of art, must be properly respected – by listening to music on bad or average equipment you miss half of it. 

Being ourselves with the music background, we constantly work with established as well as independent musicians to promote their work and good sound.


We put the music first by creating products for people, not for measuring instruments. It is important that our products sound right, pleasant, and musical. Technology is just a means to achieve that. 

Handcrafted items have a soul and carry the human energy of its constructor, stepping into the field of art. That’s why the process of building our products is more similar to the manufacturing of a musical instrument rather than electronic equipment.


Our workshop is located in the Slovenian woods and that’s why we use a lot of (tilia) wood in our products. Despite our industrial/brutalist design approach, the (artificially aged) wood makes our products more organic and personal. By using sturdy materials we make our products long-lived and easily repairable, therefore sustainable

Also, we don’t use animal parts in our products.