Headphone Amplifiers


499 EUR
Entry level, yet capable class-AB headphone amplifier with slightly bright note.
Despite being small it can easily drive all dynamic and many planar-magnetic headphones.

Bacillus Tilia

799 EUR
Class-AB amplifier with a warm, almost tube-like, sound signature.
The most versatile amp in our range, enclosed in a wooden chassis, with smooth and dynamic sound.


999 EUR
Fast and precise class-A headphone amplifier with a brighter character.
A very fast and precise amplifier, perfect for pairing with darker sounding equipment.


3500 EUR
Completely-balanced hybrid headphone amplifier with deep and quick sound, perfect for rock music (but not only).​
The most fun amplifier in our range. Every album you know is a new discovery again.


4000 EUR
Dual-mono class-A headphone amplifier with relay-based volume control. Very neutral, yet precise, with a wide soundstage.
Our reference amplifier that makes all the equipment disappear. All that remains is pure music.

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