Bacillus Tilia

Wooden Desktop Amplifier
With a Rich Sound

This amp drags out most of those subtleties that are often too shy to make an appearance. The Bacillus Tilia picks them up and puts them on a pedestal for your enjoyment.”
Paul Rigby, Hi- Fi World magazine, UK

The sophisticated Bacillus Tilia has such feature rich qualities, you will not believe it is possible to purchase this headphone amp for such a reasonable price. Fitted with top grade input capacitors and premium quality op-amps, you will discover a clarity of sound you didn’t even know existed. Designed as an artistic tribute to our homeland, the Tilia is made from linden wood and produces a rich warm sound that is fast and punchy and exquisitely detailed. 

The most versatile amp in our range, you can pair the Tilia with any impedance headphones and still be guaranteed a smooth, dynamic sound. With the capacity to drag out the subtle touches, Bacillus Tilia will distinguish tonal differences between key strokes and whip up a delicious presentation most other amps miss.

Class-AB headphone amplifier

799 EUR

Class-AB headphone amplifier
Artificially aged wooden chassis
Blue Velvet Alps potentiometer
Adaptable to headphone impedance
Silver plated interconnecting wires

Obbligato Gold premium quality pulse input capacitors

5-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in



“The design might be rather eccentric but what we have here is a headphone amp that will please those music fans who hate to miss out on anything.”
Paul Rigby, Hi- Fi World magazine, UK

“Balancing distinct design aesthetics and great sound, this is one device that definitely deserves to take a prominent place in any audiophile’s set-up!”
Anil Geaorge, T3 Middle East
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