Just music.

Scylla may appear formidable and imposing at first glance, but prepare to be utterly amazed by its breathtaking performance. What it offers is nothing short of awe-inspiring—the sound it produces is expansive and immersive, effortlessly melding with the music until it becomes indistinguishable. It achieves a remarkable feat, boasting a character that transcends conventional expectations, embracing a flawless neutrality that enhances your listening experience in the most exquisite manner.

This masterpiece of a fully-balanced dual-mono class-A headphone amplifier has the power to propel any premium headphones to unprecedented heights. However, if you truly desire an extraordinary sonic synergy, allow our Charybdis headphones to grace your ears in harmony with Scylla. Together, they form an unbeatable combination that will transport you to an unparalleled realm of audio bliss.

Fully-balanced dual-mono class-A headphone amplifier

6000 EUR

Fully-balanced architecture
Dual mono class-A headphone amplifier
Chassis made of steel and aluminum
Digitally controlled 80-step relay-based volume attenuator
Adaptable to headphone impedance
94.000 uF power stabilization capacitors per channel
5-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in
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