Prestigious Limousine
Among Headphone Amplifiers

“For a writer, it’s not always exactly easy to transfer the thoughts and experiences into the words. Yet, with Erzetich Audio headphone rig (Phobos & Deimos), the word flow feels as natural as the reproduced music coming out of this very potent, dedicated headphone listening system.”
Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

The Deimos is our most exalted headphone amplifier and is the choice for serious audiophiles. Boasting solid resolution, high dynamics and a sultry design that demands attention, this double mono class-A amp promises a dynamic performance and an awe-inspiring experience every time you flick the switch. The Deimos delivers a controlled and balanced sound between the lows, mids and highs. 

The clarity of instrumentals in the foreground and background are precise and you will be surprised by how even the slightest details hidden in the mix shine through. Suitable for use with any dynamic and planar-magnetic headphones, the Deimos was built for the sole intention of truly enjoying music – and we think purists will agree, this is a premium amplifier that delivers stellar audio quality.

Dual-mono class-A headphone amplifier

4000 EUR

Dual mono class-A headphone amplifier
Chassis made of steel and aluminum
Digitally controlled 80-step relay-based volume attenuator
Adaptable to headphone impedance
Silver plated interconnecting wires

44.000 uF power stabilization capacitors per channel

5-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in



“One of the best headphone setups (Phobos and Deimos) I had luxury and privilege to test.”
Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System
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