Planar magnetic headphones

“In my case, Phobos V2021 checked many boxes and I’ve used them in most of my DAC and headphone amplifier reviews that I’ve posted in the latest months. I find them easy to drive and easy to like, as system matching isn’t an issue, as it can be the case with several high-end headphones. I challenge you finding a more interesting sounding headphone in the 2000 EUR price bracket”
Sandu Vitalie,

Distinction and style with wood beauty. The Phobos headphones draw on a stylish, octagonal shape for the cups. This doesn’t just exude beauty but creates a strong design without adding weight. We carefully age the wood used to ensure your headphones are as unique as the music you listen to. These are statement pieces where design and audio unite.

Encased within these statement open cups reside exceptional quality planar magnetic drivers. The design and technology together enable a detailed, firm and dynamic sound: picking up the details in the music and allowing you to bask in the rich details of performances that you love. These headphones are ideal for music ranging from classical to jazz, where detail is everything.

With V2021 we upgraded Phobos by updating the design, adding CNC milled aluminum cup covers, and carbon fiber head band. Compared to Phobos V2018 the sound is now more controlled, firm and detailed.

1999 EUR

Planar-magnetic driver
Cups made of wood and milled aluminum
Carbon fiber headband
Detachable high-quality cable

Connectors similar to other big manufacturers for easy cable upgrade

2-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in


At every step of the design process the product has been evaluated against the human ear and the music we listen to. At their core it’s about sound performance married with comfort. Finally, design is the master paying heed to these two principles. It’s about the individual’s experience.


In creating headphones that are human-centred, the quality of music listening and headphone acoustics was of integral importance. The whole Phobos and Mania purpose is to create a perfect dance of your own individual music in design elegance. This has been achieved.

No Animal Products

In the design creation of Erzetich headphones it has been important to ensure no animal products are used, without compromising comfort and style. As such the ear pads are covered in a soft and comfortable leatherette whilst the tiara belt is crafted from a rubber-like material.

Reviews of Phobos V2021

  • Written and video review by Soundnews, Romania (in English) (Gold Award)

Reviews of Phobos V2018


“Phobos brings the overall balancing act, that can instantly ignite more than just a casual listener’s attention.”
Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo, Slovenia
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