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Sarah Bettens, K's Choice, ErzetichChange seems to be the only constant in this world of ours and though it is often dictated more by necessity than desire, it is honest heartfelt excitement for change that drives the co-founders of K's Choice, Sarah and Gert Bettens, to now call their new recording project Bettens. "For me, Bettens is an opportunity to feel like we're starting a new band again, with all the benefits of the excitement of starting over, in combination with the comfort and ease of playing with people I already love and admire," says Sarah. Gert explains, "Professionally, my sister and I have been K's Choice for most of our adult lives so when afforded the opportunity to score our very first movie documentary, a record breaking expedition of the Antarctic, it allowed us to think completely out of the box to create musical compositions that weren't required to adhere to any particular music genre or band name."

Bettens recorded the all-new Waving at the Sun record at their favorite studio, Echo Mountain, in Asheville, North Carolina, the inspiration for many of their most recent recording adventures. This time producing and creating beautifully crafted compositions like "Surrender," a bouncy sing along full of everyday life observations, specially re-mixed by Tchad Blake, (Crowded House, Sheryl Crow, Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits), and "Hell Like Heaven," which describes the daily mental and physical challenges of being on the ice. They take us through the Antarctic landscapes with the haunting instrumental "Dark Day," the mesmerizing voicings of "See," plus the lilting reoccurring themes of "Whiteout." As Sarah explains, "It's liberating to say the least to write a soundtrack for this very specific topic and stay within the parameters of the elements of the Antarctic--funny how the subject matter didn't limit us, but rather opened up new avenues of expression! Working with world class explorers Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour with the support of their team, was incredibly inspirational!"

Things have certainly changed since the modest beginnings of The Choice, then K's Choice, performing on major tours with Alanis Morissette, Indigo Girls, and global music festivals, such as Pink Pop and Lilith Fair, to now headlining theaters from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam to Johannesburg. Something that hasn't changed though, Bettens, like its predecessor, will be brilliant as ever in live performance. As Sarah comments, "There are no limits to the directions Bettens can take, but we basically just want to do whatever feels right and fun at the time--and you can never predict what that's going to be." Next step, the first single release, "Surrender," followed by the complete Waving at the Sun record September 2013, a Bettens headline tour of Europe, then performances at select international film festivals!



Sarah Bettens - Go (EP) (Idol Media, 2004)
Sarah Bettens - Scream (Flow Records B.V., 2005)
Sarah Bettens - Shine (Universal Music, 2007)
Sarah Bettens - Never Say Goodbye (Cocoon Records, 2008)

K's Choice

K's Choice - The Great Subconscious Club (Double T Music, 1993)
K's Choice - Paradise In Me (Double T Music, 1995)
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K's Choice - The Phantom Cowboy (2015)

Live albums - K's Choice

K's Choice - K's Choice Live (Epic, 2001)

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