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Many sound devices already have an incorporated headphone amplifier, but usually it is only of monitoring nature and they don't deliver the signal strength that your headphones require. External headphone amplifiers are a seamless link between your sound source (whether this is a computer, an MP3 player, a CD player, a preamp or any other component) and headphones.

Like the room speakers, also your headphones need a power amplifier to drive them properly. Not so powerful, but still. This results in a stronger sound with thicker bass, more detail and more linear sound coverage. Thus your headphones can deliver the best they can and your musical enjoyment is enhanced to the max. You won't believe what your headphones are capable of when properly driven.

So this is where we come in by offering you three models of audiophile quality headphone amplifiers: Bacillus, Bacillus Tilia and Perfidus. See which one suits you best.

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Erzetich Audio is focused on personal audio, specifically on meticulously-hand-crafted high-quality headphone amplifiers and accessories. All of them are made in-house from scratch: from a raw plank of wood and bare PCB to a finished product.

"We never wanted our headphone amplifiers to be just electronic devices, but an object of art with a human touch - a tool to enhance the sonic part of your music enjoyment experience with an addition of human energy and dedication."

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Erzetich Audio aims at enhancing the personal music enjoyment by producing high quality headphone amplifiers with specific rustic/industrial design.

All units are carefully handmade and tested one-by-one.

Headphone amplifiers can also be used as a high quality monitoring device for recording studio engineers, on-stage mixing, DJ-s, musicians, filmmakers and so on.

July 24th 2014

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We're in Suono, Italian Hi-Fi magazine.

June 25th 2014

Erzetich amplifiers will be featured on two pages in High & Style magazine, edition summer 2014.

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